The Art of Unlearning

At KTL we stress the importance of constantly learning. Keeping an open mind to new experiences, new knowledge and new skills. Learning is crucial to growing. But what we don’t consider in this practice is that it is equally important to unlearn.

It seems contradictory that the only way to learn is to unlearn, right?

Open your mind to a new perspective and recognize that unlearning is one of the most important keys to evolve in life. Holding ourselves accountable for what we’re taking in, as well as what we’re willing to change allows you to move past the barriers that are holding you back and reach your full potential.

To unlearn is to force yourself to challenge what you know. To challenge what you have understood as “fact” and embrace the uncomfortable reality that the way you have perceived the world and interacted with your environment is preventing you from growing.

Unlearning is a process - it doesn’t happen overnight.

Humans are creatures of habit and in order to create new habits we must recognize and break the old ones.

It’s a new year, and we all made resolutions. We tend to work really hard on practicing our resolutions for the first few months, but eventually they fizzle out and we’re right back where we started. You can’t learn new things unless you unlearn your foundations because over time we fall back into what is comfortable and we remain stagnant.

The first step is recognition. Once you recognize your bad habits and your values and beliefs you have held for so long, actively challenge them. Never stop being curious and be proactive in your pursuit of a better you. That is the key to life.

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